Olga Valentine is Making Sustainable Swimwear – Without Sacrificing Comfort or Style

Olga Valentine is Making Sustainable Swimwear – Without Sacrificing Comfort or Style

Two girls wearing Olga Valentine’s Tropicana sustainable swimwear enjoy the sun on top of inflatable pool beds

Have you heard of the term ecophobia? It refers to fear, worry or pessimism about environmental problems and the future of the planet, and research is showing that our kids are experiencing these feelings more and more.

Recent school strikes for climate change have proven that the younger generations are highly motivated by a desire to protect the planet and all the beautiful life forms on it. At Olga Valentine we are doing our bit as well to protect the oceans, beaches and sea animals who have fallen under threat as a result of marine pollution. 

Marine pollution is only continuing to grow, and plastics – such as discarded fishing nets or litter that ends up in the ocean – are a significant contributor to the problem. 

Plastics can cause significant danger to marine animals, disrupting the natural ecosystem of the ocean. It’s well known that beloved animals such as dolphins, turtles, seals, seabirds and more can mistake loose plastics and discarded fishing gear for food, choking to death on the litter.

Aside from the devastating loss of these beautiful creatures, plastic pollutions can also pose health risks for us humans. If we eat seafood that has ingested plastic, we end up with microplastics in our own systems, which is toxic and unhealthy.

On the path we are currently headed, by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in the ocean. This possibility is just 30 years away.

But all hope isn’t lost. If we can reduce our use of plastics, we can prevent unnecessary marine pollution.

A Sustainable Swimwear Brand

At Olga Valentine, our swimwear is made from 82% recycled polyester and 18% elastane fabric, making us one of a budding group of eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers in Australia. We recycle old fishing nets and other discarded plastics and give them a new life as affordable, comfortable and fashionable swimwear pieces.

By recycling old fishing nets, which are significant contributors to plastic pollution in the ocean, we are preventing them from endangering our sea animals or from ending up in a landfill somewhere. The result is our range of ethical and eco-friendly swimwear!

A brunette girl on a swing wearing Olga Valentine’s Love Letters sustainable swimwear, with a bunch of flowers.”

How is Recycled Swimwear Created?

So how does this process work?

An infographic showing the process of how Olga Valentine’s fabrics are created from recycled plastic waste, from the plastic first being broken in polyester chips all the way to being made into polyester fabrics for clothing manufacturers. The “Repreve #TurnItGreen” Logo is featured alongside the Olga Valentine Swimwear Logo.

We collect old fishing nets, sort them, sanitise them, crush them, and then melt them down. Once we have melted them down, they are spun into a fabric – a recycled fabric which becomes Olga Valentine’s swimwear.

Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort for sustainability. Our sustainable swimmers are soft and comfy, with a UPF 50+ rating, and are resistant to pilling.

Four children, three girls and a boy, wearing Olga Valentine’s range of recycled swimwear, the Route 66 Collection, relaxing in the sand on a Sunshine Coast beach.”

How Can I Help?

You can help too! Initiatives like Take 3 for the Sea encourage anyone going to the beach to pick up three pieces of litter, to stop them from ending up in the ocean. You can choose plastic-free alternatives to things such as straws and water bottles, and make sure you’re supporting environmentally friendly brands whenever you get the chance.

We love the beach. We want our kids to be able to enjoy it too. And here we know that style and sustainability go hand in hand.
With love, sand, and sunshine, 

Olga Valentine XOXO

“A girl sits on a rope swing wearing Olga Valentine’s Love Letters
sustainable swimwear.

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