Girls Long Sleeve Swimsuits

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Sizes: 2, 5

Sizes: 3, 5

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Girls Long Sleeve Swimsuits

Dive into summer with confidence and style in our beautiful range of girls' long sleeve swimsuits. Our carefully curated collection offers a fashionable and practical solution for those seeking extra sun protection without compromising on style.

Our girls' long sleeve swimsuits are perfect for Australian summers, providing UPF-rated sun protection to keep your little ones safe from the harsh sun while they enjoy the beach or pool. The long sleeves provide added coverage for their arms, ensuring they can play and swim comfortably without worry.

Crafted from our signature sustainable fabric made from 84% recycled polyester and 16% elastane, these swimsuits are not only eco-friendly but also buttery-soft, comfortable, and offer a four-way stretch for the perfect fit. The fabric is also chlorine-resistant, pilling-resistant, and fully lined, making our swimsuits durable enough to last through countless summers.

Designed with unique patterns and gorgeous details, our girls' long sleeve swimsuits are available in a variety of styles, from one-piece suits to sets with matching bottoms. The vibrant prints and earth-friendly dyes make our swimwear stand out from the crowd, ensuring your little one feels confident and stylish at the beach or by the pool.

At Olga Valentine, we believe in creating swimwear that transcends trends and can be worn over and over again. Our girls' long sleeve swimsuits are a testament to this ethos, providing a timeless and versatile option for your little one's summer wardrobe. So, dive in and explore our range today. Your perfect summer swimwear awaits!