A family of tourists on holiday walk along a beach in Bali with a beautiful sunset on the horizon.

Where to Go in Bali: Our Must-See Destinations for your Bali Family Holiday

For those of you who don’t know, Olga Valentine has a long and loving relationship with Bali. With founder Natasha’s family living there for several years, many of Olga Valentine’s swimwear collections were designed in and inspired by the beautiful tropical island.

With the popularity of Bali as a destination for Aussie tourists, we thought we’d give you some of our favourite places to visit when travelling there with your family. From family friendly Canggu, to beautiful beachy Kuta, to bustling Ubud, we’re sure you’ll love and treasure the island like we do. So, book those tickets, pack your bags, and let us guide you through some of the best must-see spots in Bali - Olga Valentine style.

A statue of a Balinese woman sitting in prayer or meditation with a garden filled with flowers and a building in the background.

For the Nature Lovers: The Aling Aling Waterfall

The Aling Aling Waterfall showcases some of the beautiful natural scenery Bali has to offer – and is also a great place for those looking for the perfect setting for their next Instagram post! But aside from the obvious natural beauty of this location, it’ll be sure to keep kids (and adventurous adults!) entertained, with swimming holes, natural slides and cliff-diving all on offer.

A guy diving into the Aling Aling waterfall in Bali.

There are four waterfalls in total, with one for sliding, and three for jumping off – with respective heights of 5, 10, and 15 metres. But if your kids choose to jump, you may want to look away – even 5 metres is high enough to make your heart jump into your throat! The Aling Aling Waterfall is a beautiful spot to visit on your Bali family holiday if you’re looking to get away from the bustling towns and cities.

A high angle shot overlooking the drop of the Aling Aling waterfall with two people swimming in swimming hole below.

For the Adventurers: Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River Rafting will get heart racing, blood pumping, and giddy smiles on every face. It is the longest river rafting experience in Bali and is an amazing way to explore and tour the beautiful natural forests that surround the river - a must do for any adventurer travelling in Bali.

A family battles the current in a raft on the Ayung River in Bali.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of trying white water rafting, the affordable prices are a great reason to tick it off your bucket list while you’re in Bali. And don’t worry – the experienced staff will guide you through the river in the safest possible way, while still making sure you get your money’s worth of action.

For the Thrill Seekers: Waterbom Bali, Kuta

River Rafting not thrilling enough for you? Waterbom Bali is located in Kuta, a popular tourist area, and is known for its surf conditions and pretty beaches. Open from 9am-6pm, Waterbom offers a full day of family fun on their water slides and attractions, which can range from a relaxing ride on the lazy river or adrenaline pumping experiences with twists, turns, and even a 26m free fall.

The twisting and turning multi-coloured water slides of Water Bom in Kuta, Bali from a birds-eye-view.

 They boast Asia’s steepest slide, but also a huge kid’s area for little ones to enjoy, so even the most cautious or most thrill-seeking family member can find something that suits them.

For Animal Lovers: The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud is a super unique experience, offering up-close encounters with monkeys in their natural habitat. It’s not surprising that tourists flock to this destination! Inhabited by over 1,000 Balinese long-tailed macaque’s, the forest is brimming with these curious and social creatures – a must see destination for any Bali family holiday.

A Balinese monkey at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud with its jaw stretched wide.

What makes the experience so special is that, unlike a zoo, there are no cages or fences separating man and monkey – so we urge visitors to be respectful of these beautiful creatures. Taunt and tease them at your own risk!

For the Vegetarians: The Shady Shack, Canggu

Vegetarian restaurant Shady Shack is located in Canggu, an increasingly popular destination for families travelling in Bali. The relaxed, outdoorsy vibe makes Shady Shack a great spot for families who appreciate good food in a picture-perfect setting.

A delicious, fresh meal from The Shady Shack in Canggu, Bali.

Here at Olga Valentine, we love their range of salad bowls, which are delicious and nourishing enough to keep you going for a day jam-packed with activities, travelling and family time. Shady Shack is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – so even for those just passing through Canggu, it could be a great place to stop and refuel and is a must visit for vegetarians travelling through Bali.

If you’re looking for a Crowd Pleaser: La Baracca, Canggu

If Shady Shack’s menu of salads, smoothies, and vegetarian options is just too hard a sell for the pickier eaters in your family, Italian restaurant La Baracca is right next door, serving up perfectly cooked pizza and huge bowls of pasta.

A dining table at La Baracca in Canggu, Bali, featuring plates of rustic pizza, vegetables and salad.

Alongside their hearty Italian meals, La Baracca offers a quirky, vintage grunge vibe with rustic, mismatched chairs and graffiti doodled on the walls giving it an uber-cool interior look. La Baracca also has locations in Seminyak, Uluwatu, and Ubud, and is sure to be a family favourite during your vacation in Bali. 

When You Need Family Friendly Dining: Milk & Madu Cafe

Milk & Madu café is an ideal spot if you’re travelling with younger kids or pickier eaters. While adults may want to go out and explore the local cuisine, this can quickly become tiresome for little ones. If you want to avoid the food-related meltdowns, the kid’s menu at Milk & Madu might be your new best friend – they even have a playground!

The children's playground at the Milk & Madu Cafe featuring undercover areas, slide and climbing ramp.

Their comfort meals and relaxed vibe also make it a great spot for the adults in your family – especially if they’re partial to a cheeky pizza! Milk & Madu has locations in Berawa, Ubud and Canggu and is the perfect destination in Bali for family friendly dining. 

For the Complete Bali Family Holiday Package: Finn’s Beach Club, Canggu

With gorgeous beach front access, multiple pools, dining, a Bounce trampoline park, Splash Waterpark, Strike Bowling, a kids club and more, it’s hard to know where to start with Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu.

Finn's Beach Club in Canggu featuring the lawn and many lounges and umbrellas.

The myriad of activities is a perfect way to keep the kids entertained for hours. For adults there are delicious dining options and not one, not two, but NINE bars for you to enjoy. There’s also ocean yoga on offer, a fitness centre, and a spa – I challenge you to find someone in your family who won’t have something to do at Finn’s.


When you aren’t running around adventuring, long walks through rice paddies, meeting the locals, and long lazy mornings spent by the pool can be just as fulfilling. There’s plenty more to enjoy – we just can’t fit it all in one post! We truly hope Bali will become as special to you as it is to us.

Many tourists on holiday walk along and soak up a beach in Bali with a beautiful sunset on the horizon.

With love, sand, and sunshine,

Olga Valentine XOXO


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